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Who Is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ is believed to be the son of God by people of Christian faith. Some other prominent people from different faiths believe that Jesus is one of the most influential religious figures and one of the great prophets to have lived, comparable to Muhammad and Buddha.

In the sacred text of the Jews, it was predicted that a savior who is the son of God will emerge from within. Most Jewish people believed that this messiah or savior would be a political and national leader who would lead the people to great prosperity.

On political and nationalistic terms, Jesus of Nazareth was a complete failure. Since his death, some of have come to believe that God sent Jesus as a gift to mankind and that it is through faith in Jesus that people are freed from their sins and made holy.

Christians believe that the son of God was born in the person of Jesus Christ, a Palestinian man. The younger years of Jesus are not recorded by very detailed accounts. However, there is sufficient historical record of Jesus of Nazareth that almost all historians agree that he was a real historical figure. Christians believe that this man who was born in a manger went on to suffer death on a cross in order to restore humanity into a proper relationship with God.

When Jesus began his ministry, he formed a small group of followers and preached a radical message which contradicted the system of Roman Government and many Jewish practices. Eventually, Jesus caused quite a stir and gained many followers because of his ability to perform miracles. This inflicted envy from the authorities. This led him to be crucified and died after an excruciating manner of persecution. Several days later, disciples accounted that Jesus ascended was not in his tomb but had ascended into heaven. It is believed by his followers that Jesus’ came to earth in order to restore rebellious human beings to God’s redemptive purposes.

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