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Who Is Julius Caesar?

Julius Caesar is one of Rome’s greatest leaders but is considered the most intelligent and highly respected dictator of Rome. He was born in an elite family and had the privilege to study and be educated and given training. He rule Rome from 49 BCE to 44 BCE during which he transformed Rome from a merely Republic to that of an Empire that ruled a vast region that reaches even to Africa. It is very interesting to note that his family name Caesar has a lot of origins. One of the famous stories behind his family name is that he was born from a caesarian section, thus the family name Caesar. When Julius Caesar grew up, he joined the military. He was considered as the most brilliant military commander in his time.

After the wars where he was the commanding officer, he went back to Rome and it was when he started his career in politics. He was a skilled politician with the talent and skills in making people attracted to his ways and eventually winning their respect. He became a consul in the Rome Republic, at which he returned to the military field and fought in the famous Gallic Wars. After the war he kept on expanding the Roman Empire, even assisting Cleopatra in the war in Egypt. It was believed that he bore a son to Cleopatra but that which he denied. When he returned to Rome, he was well respected by many of the Senate members. However, others disliked him so much and plotted against him. In 44BCE Caesar was killed by a group of Senators that was against him.

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