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Who Is Karl Marx?

Karl Marx is known as the proponent of the Marxist ideology that many communist uses even at present. Marx was a German economist and philosopher whose beliefs are focused on economic and political system that is anti-capitalism, characterized by equality and equity. Marx was known to be against the system of their society in his time which gives more importance to materialism and the inequality of classes.

Karl Marx’s real name is Karl Heinrich Marx. He was not a German in nature but a Jew, who had experienced oppression on the basis of race and economic status. His beliefs, perspectives and philosophy were highly influenced by Hegel’s work. Marx believed that social inequalities cause class struggles and these class struggles exist because of social class differences and division. The division of the social classes according to Marx is catalyzed by religion which he believed as the opium of the society.

Marx graduated from the University of Berlin with a degree in Philosophy. He was baptized as a Lutheran. He wrote many manuscripts which talks about communism as an offshoot of capitalism. His best known work was written with Freidrich Engels entitled The Communist Manifesto, published in 1844. This book discussed that the end result of the struggles of classes will result to communism, an ideal society for people to exist in equality. There will be no private property as everything is owned by the people to strengthen the sense of community. Marx died a natural death two years after the death of his wife in 1883.

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