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Who Is King Arthur?

King Arthur in best known in the story of the Knights of the Round Table which is just one of the details in the story of Geoffrey Monmouth entitled History of the Kings of Britain published in the 11th and 12th centuries. It was however a puzzle up to now if King Arthur was a real person that existed in the 5th century CE. It was also believed that King Arthur did not exist and was only an imaginary character. There historians however who claims that a real Arthur existed in the 5th century CE and not during the Middle Ages which was originally the one believed to be the time when Arthur established his Kingdom called Camelot.

King Arthur was famous as a knight, the true King who was able to remove Excalibur from a stone, a feat that only true kings can do. Removing Excalibur from the stone where it was deeply struck means that the person who did it is a real king as the story tells. When Arthur became king, he organized and gathered other knights and established the Knights of the Round Table. It was said that the goal of the knights was to protect people in all walks of life who are in danger of being abused, persecuted or discriminated upon. However, it was also known that one of the goals of the assembly of Knights is to search for the Holy Grail, the most controversial concept in the Christian faith. King Arthur was also known for his advocacies and the changes he made against the feudal system of their time, which led him to establish Camelot, his kingdom characterized by fairness.

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