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Who Is Marco Polo?

Marco Polo is known as a famous traveler and trader. His travels in as early as the 1200’s has inspired the later explorations of Columbus and other explorers as he was instrumental in the realization that the earth is not flat, but round.

The early life of Marco Polo was inspired by the travels that his father and brother have embarked for trading of goods. According to historical accounts, it was Marco Polo’s father who was the first to visit the Empire of Kublai Khan. On the second visit of his father, Marco Polo joined him. The supposedly travel turned out to be a long stay in the Chinese empire. It took him and his father 17 years of stay in China, enough for them to learn about the culture and the practices of the country. They later returned to Venice after 24 years and found out that much have changed with wars ranging from his country with that of Genoa. He was later imprisoned and when he was released he became a wealthy merchant, got married, had 3 children and wrote his Asian adventures in a book entitled Il Milione which was praised by explorers and also criticized by many local people in his time who did not believe the stories that he wrote in the book. The adventures of Marco Polo have been instrumental in the construction of maps. The book also opened the west to the cultures of the east that was once thought as mysterious and beyond imagination.

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