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Who Is Mulan?

Mulan is a Chinese young lady who disguised herself as a young man and fought bravely in the battle in exchange of his aging father. The story of Mulan became famous with the release of the Disney movie. However, much of Mulan has been written in the history that was not completely depicted in the Disney movie.

Mulan is actually the major character in an old Chinese poem entitled Ballad of Mullan. It was a very old poem that was recorded in as early as 6th century, and was intended to be sung. It was not however clear if the story of Mulan was real or just a metaphor for a higher cause. It is clear that the story tells of gender equality in a Chinese patriarchal society in which women are subject to work at home and are not allowed to mingle in the world of men. The story of Mulan is very simple yet very inspiring. It tells about a young lady who enlisted her name in the army in place of her old father to fight in the battle. Since she does not have a brother, and at the same time she does not want her aging father die in the battle, she dressed as a man and fought in the battlefield. Mulan was successful in her career as a warrior. Then came a point that her true identity was revealed which earned her respect not only from her colleagues but from the people of the empire.

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