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Who Is Neil Armstrong?

Every elementary student with astronomy subject will be very much amazed with the first person to set foot on the moon. He is no other than Neil Armstrong, the first human being to walk in the moon together with Buzz Alrin and Michael Collins, in the their Apollo 11 mission. Many people around the world witnessed the event of the century, and most said that it was one of the most memorable events of the time.

Neil Armstrong before becoming an astronaut also experienced several challenges in his life. His family was having a hard time when he was younger. They constantly moved from one place to another. When he was in High School, Armstrong showed his interest in science, which prompted him to take up aeronautical engineering at the Purdue University. When he was in the university, his family experienced financial problems which inspired him to challenge his situation, enabling him to get a scholarship. He later served in the military as pilot. He later married to his first wife and became an astronaut in 1962. He was tasked to work on with the early space mission and eventually with the Apollo 11 mission. With the success of the Apollo mission, he went on announcing his intent of ending his career as an astronaut and he pursued as career in teaching.

He had been active in the investigation of the space disasters that followed despite the fact that he no longer work in the NASA. He was later awarded a Space Medal Honor for his historic achievements.

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