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Who Is Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela is one of the world’s famous figures for human rights and advocacies on equality and non-discrimination. He was the first president of Africa that was elected under a democratic system. His efforts against apartheid have been instrumental in his political career which gained him the support of the people and of the international community.

During the reign of the Apartheid government in Africa, Nelson Mandela was leading the African National Congress. His efforts against apartheid were seen as a terrorist act by the government. He was in turn imprisoned for 27 years, but this experience gained him the reputation as a hero for groups against apartheid. He was later awarded the Nobel Peach Prize for his humanitarian efforts and advocacies as well as his efforts in peace-building.

At the age of 75, Mandela became Africa’s oldest President. He finished his term and retired from his post. His retirement did mean an end to his advocacies. He has been active up to this date on a variety of humanitarian actions. Mandela supports a lot of international movements to improve human lives such as poverty campaigns, peach campaigns and human rights campaigns. Aside from his support to international movements, he also founded his own foundation that supports children all over the world. His experiences being discriminated, exploited and abused by the repressive government inspired him to fight even harder for the protection and sustainability of freedom, justice and equality not only in his country but in the whole world and for humanity.

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