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Who Is Nostradamus?

Michel de Nostredame, also known as Nostradamus in Latin language was known worldwide as a person with the power to see and foretell the future. He was born in the 16th century and his visions for the future were feared by many thereby giving him the image of a person who works with the devil. Not much were written about the early life or Nostradamus but his life was mostly described as turbulent with many experiences that had caused him much sufferings and pain. For one, he lost his family during the plague, his wife and his children were treated badly in a public health institution that was more of a death station than a health care facility. He suffered so much upon seeing his predictions for his family but is powerless to do something to save them.

Nostradamus’ predictions were based on astrological signs and alignments of planets which coincided with past events. He used special words to describe his predictions so as not to create chaos or inflict negative offense from the church. His predictions were mostly in congruence with those that happened in the centuries after his death. He however, maintained a lose relationship with the church and his predictions were mostly drawn from the events in the Bible. He claimed that his visions from the future are not the workings of the devils but a guided process of the divine.

Nostradamus was considered as one of the most famous and prominent seer in the history. It was said that he even predicted his own death at an exact time and manner.

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