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Who Is Orlando Bloom?

Orlando Bloom is a Hollywood actor who had his debut when he took one of the lead roles in the box office hit Lord of the Rings. He was also known for his great performance in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Orlando bloom immediately became a household name since the release of these movies. His looks, professionalism and acting talents made him very attractive to fans from around the world. With the Lord of the Rings as one of the highest earning movies that have been distributed to many parts of the world, Orlando Bloom also made it to the international stage. He was later named one of the most attractive and hottest single actors in Hollywood.

However, there are also critics who say that Orlando Bloom still has to improve on his acting skills as some of his earlier movies were not a hit. Other also criticized his performance in the Pirates of the Caribbean, comparing him to the acting abilities of Johnny Depp. But Orlando Bloom maintained a good relationship with Depp as Depp was instrumental in Orlando Bloom’s career. It was Bloom’s struggle since he was young being a dyslexic, which makes him difficult to read. He used to perform poor in school. It was a great challenge to rehearse his script but he was able to overcome it. His mother has been very supportive in his endeavours which gave him the confidence that he can make the impossible, possible. Orlando Bloom have been coping with this struggle.

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