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Who Is Osama Bin Laden?

Osama bin Laden is known today as a notorious terrorist who leads a group of fundamentalist and extremist Muslims that caused so much turmoil in the United States during the September 11 attacks. Osama bin Laden is a son of a multi-millionaire Saudi Arabian patriarch named Mohammed Awad bin Laden. As a child of a rich family, he has enjoyed the comforts of the wealth and the connections his father had. When his father died, he was the heir of a vast wealth from his family businesses.

Little is known about the early life and education of Osama bin Laden. But is was noted that he was involved in the conflict between the Soviet Union and the Afghanistan which paved him to form the Al Qaeda group, a terrorist network that has a wide connection with other terrorist groups. He has joined forces with the talibans and together they declared holy war against the United States.

Bin Laden’s ideology is based on the belief that Muslim Sharia law is the highest law of humankind and that it has to be restored to bring order to the Muslim world. And those ideologies that are not in congruence with the Sharia shall be opposed. The Shariah law according to Bin Laden opposes the United States, Israel and other non-Muslim states who exhibit immoral acts such as homosexuality and others.

Nowadays, he is considered a sought-after terrorist. Bin Laden and his group are believed to have been hiding in the mountainous areas or boundaries of Afghanistan.

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