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Who Is Plato?

Plato is widely known in the area of philosophy and politics. His works are widely recognized as some of the most influential in philosophical history.

Plato was a philosopher in ancient Greece, several centuries before the birth of Christ. He is said to live in the 4th century or between 427 and 347 BC. His writings indicated that he had been a prominent student of Socrates, also a famous philosopher. Plato is best known for his work entitled, The Republic and that he was the first to create a formal schooling named as Academy. The many philosophical foundations of today as well as the theology of Christianity are heavily influenced by Plato’s theory of forms.

The Republic, which was considered as Plato’s masterpiece explained that an ideal society is that of a state where individuals function to the fullest not only to benefit themselves but the society in general. It was however criticized by other philosophers and thinkers of his time because his idea of the republic is something that is not possible that even the ancient Greece was not able to achieve. For Plato, the republic is an ideal state. The Republic also explains the interconnectedness of the concept of form to that of justice and truth.

The Republic however, has also gained its share of criticisms as that societal state according to some critics further encourage stratification in the society, with the rich and powerful trained to rule while the poor and the week were destined to work and serve the elite members of the society.

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