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Who Is Pol Pot?

Pol Pot was known as the founder of Khmer Rouge whose goal is build a just society in the form of communism. However, he was not known for having achieved this communist society, but he was known for the brutalities on the process of achieving this kind of society. Pol Pot is Cambodia’s famed Prime Minister in 1976 to 1978 who has executed his plans for a just society in a way that is unacceptable and inhumane. Pol Pot’s goal is to make his country a socialist country. This paved him to make experiment on how to attain such kind of society in a fast way.

With the support of the Khmer Rouge and the involvement of the communist underground movements, Pol Pot rose into power. The Khmer Rouge emphasize strict adherence to self-reliance thus international aid and interventions and not appreciated. His Khmer Rouge disguised as an organization or political party whose goal is the betterment of everyone’s lives. This goal gained support from many citizens in Cambodia. During his reign as Prime Minister, he executed his plan of eliminating capitalism and anyone who poses a threat was executed. Of the eight million populations at that time, only six million remained and the two million citizens who the government see as a threat were killed. Pol Pot spent his last days in the jungles of Thailand and Cambodia during the invasion of Vietnam. He died of stroke and heart failure. But it was not clear if it was a natural death or a suicide.

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