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Who Is Sinbad the Sailor?

Sinbad the Sailor is one of the many stories complied in a collection of stories of the Arabian Nights. He is known as a mighty sailor whose fame on his high seas adventures reached far and wide. Sinbad the Sailor is one of the many Arabian folktales which is often published as a single story rather than a part of the whole collection of the Arabian Nights.

Sinband the Sailor is known for his adventures and exciting experiences while on voyage. It was said that when he lost all his riches, he has to travel and earn money for him to be able to live and survive in their society. His sailing stories tells of how he was able to defeat demons in the sea, how he got to the far land of Asia and Africa, and how he was able to win over the struggles he had in his journey in the vast oceans. His adventures often ended being the winner and the hero and he always accumulate a lot of precious treasures such as gems and jewels. He attributes his success and bravery to Allah and often mentioned it every time he wins a battle. The story of Sinbad the Sailor is also tells of the exchange of culture between the Middle East the Western World particularly that of Greece and neighboring countries. The Middle East is a melting pot of culture where east and west meet that is why it is not unusual to feel a western flavor to that of the Middle East stories and folktales.

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