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Who Is Sir Isaac Newton?

Sir Isaac Newton was a prominent English scientist that is considered one of the most influential and brilliant people in the history of humankind. He was a renowned physicist, mathematicians, historian, philosopher and theologian. His early life was characterized by a sad experience of family discord which left him under the care of his grandmother. He was very much adept in mathematics that he eventually entered in the Trinity College of Cambridge where he made contributions in calculus. He was the proponent of a new formula for pi. He later became a professor of mathematics in the same school. He has reached the peak of his teaching career with the publication of his book entitled The Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. He was the first to coin the word gravitas which is now known as gravity in the English language.

His book on the law of gravity is a groundbreaking work which laid the foundation of the present knowledge on the law of gravity as well as the laws of motion. His ideas on physics have dominated the world from his time onwards. He was instrumental in the advancement of the scientific revolution in western world. Aside from his work in the sciences, Sir Isaac Newton was also a prominent theologian. Surprisingly, he wrote more books on things related to religion than on topics where he was mainly inclined with. His works in theology include occult studies and Biblical hermeneutics. This works together with his astounding accomplishments in the sciences makes Sir Isaac Newton one of the greatest men ever born.

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