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Who Is Vincent Van Gogh?

Vincent Van Gogh was considered as the proponent of post-impressionist painting. He was famous for his distinctive use of colours and bold brush strokes which seemed to incorporate his feelings for the painting and his emotions while painting his works of art.

Vincent Van Gogh was born in Holland in the year 1853. He suffered from a mental illness in his lifetime that made him intolerable at work. Despite his frequent treatments for his illness, he was able to make great works such as the iconic Starry Night. However, during his lifetime, his artwork is not acceptable to the taste of people and fellow artists who are not used to his style. It was said that out of more than two thousand works of art he has, only one painting was sold and it was brought by his brother. There was even a time when Van Gogh was doing a self-portrait but he cannot see his other ears. He cut his ears and he was brought to the hospital for severe bleeding. Throughout his life, it was his brother who was his main supporter, who encouraged him to continue his liking for the arts. Aside from the famous Starry Night painting of Van Gogh, he also made numerous paintings of people’s daily lives. He also has numerous paintings of distorted objects which seemed to convey his emotions. It was only after his death that his paintings were sold and in a very high price given the renewed interest of the people in his style. His works were considered as very important part of the history of Western art.

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