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Who Is Walter Payton ?

Walter Payton was arguably the best running back in NFL history. He was selected with the 4th pick overall by the Chicago Bears in 1975 and played an amazing career until 1987. This is a huge career for any NFL player but especially for a bruising running back who plays with so much grace. Walter Payton holds just about every rushing record in Chicago Bears history and held many NFL rushing records.

Water Payton Records

Most Yards Gained, Career - 16,726
Most Seasons, 1000 or More Yards Rushing (tied) - 10
Most Games, 100 or More Yards Rushing, Career - 77
Most Rushing Attempts, Career - 3,838
Most Combined Yards Gained, Career - 21,803
Most Combined Yards Attempts, Career - 4,368

Walter Payton Highlights

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