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Who Was Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein is unarguably the most unparalleled scientist in the modern century. He was the proponent of the famous theory of relativity. TIME magazine even named him the Person of the Century because of this genius and contribution to science, particularly in physics. He was known worldwide for his work in photoelectric effect and theory of relativity which made him a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. Though his theories took long to be understood and accepted in the scientific community, Einstein nevertheless made his mark and is now considered the most brilliant individual in the 20th century.

The early years of Einstein were spent in Ulm, where he was born. He later got his education in several schools in Germany. He kept on changing schools from Munich to Switzerland because he was a drop out student. He finally got his diploma in 1900 from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He continued to work on his pursuits in physics, one of which is the workings of the gravity. His papers in physics have become the foundations of Physics in the modern times. During the time when Adolf Hitler rose to power, Albert Einstein was forced to leave the country because he was also a target for persecution for his Jewish descent. He later became an American citizen. He died in 1955 with much work unaccomplished particularly those relating to gravitational forces. However physicists of the modern times applaud Einstein for the foundation knowledge on which modern theories in physics, such as superstring theory, are based.

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