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Who Was Aristotle?

Aristotle is of the greatest philosopher in Greece who was also an intelligent student of Plato. He was also a scientist and educator whose majority of teachings and philosophies were derived from the teachings of Plato. Aristotle was born in Macedonia in the year 384 BCE. He was famous for his practical applications of philosophy to the different aspects of life such as the arts, writing, logic and the sciences. Aside from Plato, Aristotle was also deeply influenced by his parents who were also educated and has a great yearning for the sciences particularly, biology and medicine. When Aristotle was 18 years old, he studied at the Academy founded by Plato where he spend the next 19 years of his life and became a teacher eventually. He was also frequently travelling to and from Macedonia because he was the tutor of Alexander the Great. He later founded his own school called the Lyceum in Athens during the time when Alexander the Great became King of Macedonia.

Aristotle was also known to have classified plants and animals. He was well known for his work in scientific inquiry though his method of obtaining scientific results through reason and logic rather than observation proves to be inaccurate. He was however known to have developed the scientific method which is still used in sciences at present. Aristotle was also known to create names of phenomena that never have definitions yet in his time. When Alexander the Great became unpopular, Aristotle’s association with him made Aristotle’s life in danger which led him to his eventual escape from Athens. He died of stomach problem a year after he escaped.

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