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Who Was Carl Jung?

Carl Gustav Jung is well-known for his theories on personality that served as a reaction to the previous theories of Freud. Jung is a Swiss psychiatrist who has been instrumental in the birth of the analytical psychology. He was the one who first coined the term psych. He was also one of the pioneers in interpreting dreams, analyzing it and giving explanations to it. He employed knowledge in religion, art and mythology to explain people’s dream and its meanings. Thus he was through to have expanded the ideas of Freud in some areas.

One of the notable works of Jung is that of the collective unconscious. He explained that humankind shared a common collective unconscious that is manifested in the similarities of people’s practices and beliefs across different cultures. These similarities according to Jung are called archetypes. Moreover, Jung also coined the words anima and animus which describes the characteristics of male and female that are present to both sexes. These characteristics are stored in the unconscious mind of the individual and come out given a proper stimulus.

The concept of the shadow was also created by Jung. The shadow according to him is not a dark influence in the person’s subconscious but a part of the unconscious mind that is the opposite of one’s natural character. Carl Jung’s work have been influential in the development of further psychological theories through his works nowadays are considered as a philosophical theory and no longer an aspect of psychology that needs in-depth debates and analogy.

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