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Who Was Erik Erikson?

Erik Erikson was one of the well-known psychologists in the modern times whose work focused on the stages of development of a child into adulthood. These stages consists of crisis that individuals should overcome for them not to become fixated in one stage. If a person is fixated, the crisis in that certain stage will manifest in his current development state. As for his personal life, Erik Erikson does not know who his father was. He grew up under the family name of his step-father which is Homberger. Erikson’s physical make up is that of an American with blond hair and blue eyes, but he was raised by his stem-mother and step-father in a Jewish faith which made things more complicated for him. He soon developed identity crisis in his childhood days.

When Erik Erikson was older, he studied psychology for six years under Anna Freud, and after his studies he went to the United States to teach psychology in Universities. He was considered an American psychologist because of the fact that he carried out most of his work in the United States. Erikson’s works manifested some concepts that are Freudian, though he built his theory as an improvement in the theories Freud. He added on to the five stages of development by Freud making it eight stages with identity crises in each stage. If the child is able to overcome their identity crisis, the child will have a solid foundation for himself and is secure about his character. Otherwise, the child will have psychological problems that can be solved through psychoanalysis.

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