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Who Was Sigmund Freud?

Sigmund Freud was perhaps one of the most famous psychologists in history. He was the first to create psychological theory that have created critics and have been the basis for other theories. He was a Jew who fled to Europe particularly in England to avoid the growing oppressions and hostilities that people in his home country Moravia, experienced. He grew up in Vienna where he spent most of his childhood days.

Sigmund Freud was famous for his psychological theories which connect psychological impulse to sexual urges. He tried to make a connection between psychology and physiology. He was the proponent of the term ego, super ego and other term that make up the beginnings of his theory of the unconscious. He was also the proponent of psychoanalysis which is a method for unlocking the mysteries of the unconscious mind. He has developed a system of interpreting dreams which was crucial in his work in psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis for Freud is a ways for people to be relived from the difficulties arising from the unconscious mind. Freud is noteworthy for his theory that focuses on sex and the power that male penis represents. He was highly interested in the development of the sexualities of male and female. He was also the one who theorized the concept of Oedipal complex for boys and penis envy for girls. Oedipal complex is a concept of boys falling in love with their mothers but eventually develop their masculine characteristics through their father. Penis envy on the other hand is about the envy of girls for the penis that they don’t have believing that they were castrated.

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