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Who Was Socrates?

Socrates was known as the father of philosophy, particularly the western philosophy. Majority of his philosophies and teachings were expounded and written by one of his most brilliant student, Plato. Since he was a philosopher, he is not used to writing his teachings, thus it was his disciples who wrote extensively about his philosophy. History accounts that Socrates lived in Ancient Athens during the time 470-399 BCE. He was both loved and hated. He was loved by those people who understand his philosophy but he was hated by those elites who pretend to be intelligent people because Socrates was able to point out their wrongdoings and negative sides through the process called Socratic irony and Socratic Method, a way of questioning others to expose their false and irrational beliefs.

It was accounted that Socrates spent his younger years as a stonemason and he has lived his life in a righteous and honorable way until he was persecuted at the age of 71. Despite the lack of records of his life and his work that he wrote personally, his ideas are still very influential and are still debated up to this day. During his lifetime, it was the youth and the younger generation who were interested in his works because they were so amazed at how Socrates examined people’s opinions. But the elites condemned him and accused him of poisoning young people’s mind and worshiping to other Gods. He was brought to trial but he passively accepted his sentence to death by means of hemlock poisoning. It was Plato who recorded the trial and defense of Socrates in his book entitled Apology.

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