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Who Were David and Goliath?

The phrase "David and Goliath" is a modern metaphor used in the present context to mean “triumph over adversities”, or a victory of a small individual over a huge challenge, be it a problem or a person. The phrase is often used in sports when an underdog defeats an overwhelming favorite.

The phrase originates with the names of David and Goliath, referring to the Biblical characters in a story about the battle of David, who was still very young at that time, against Goliath, a mighty Philistine warrior.

The story of David and Goliath can be found in the Old Testament of the Christian religion. It can also be found in the holy book of the Muslims, which is the Qur’an. The old manuscripts described Goliath as a fierce warrior known for his victories in the battlefield. He was said to be between 6 feet and five inches tall to a towering 9 feet tall. The people of Philistine headed by King Saul were all afraid of Goliath. David in the other hand, who was still on his youth decided to challenge Goliath to end the war between Philistine and Israel. The battle of David and Goliath has been said to represent the battle between evil and good, with David representing Israel, the place where the people of God resides, while Goliath representing the devil, which were the pagans in those times. The story ended with David winning over Goliath. David hit Goliath in the forehead using sling and stone.

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