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Who Were the Lotus Eaters?

The Lotus Eaters are the group of people that was mentioned in the Greek epic written by Homer. The Lotus Eaters also known as the Lotophagi were encountered by Odyssey in their journey back home. The Lotus Eaters are known to attract men to eat a kind of plant that causes them to forget their previous lives or engagements. This happened to Odysseus and his men. It wasn’t been proven yet as to where the actual location of the Island where the Lotus Eaters can be found. It way hypothesized that it can be found in the Islands in North Africa but no accounts are yet presented to prove this.

In the Odyssey, the crew of Odysseus ate the food that the Lotus Eaters ate. This made them express their desire to stay in the island where the Lotus Eaters thrive. This made Odyssey very upset as they are supposed to be coming home. He drag his warriors back to their ship and have them chained so that will not force themselves to get back to the Island. It was believed that Odysseus erased the location of the island in the map to make sure that no one will ever be trapped with Lotus eaters again. The men of Odysseus were said to have haunted the taste of the fruits for the rest of their lives. At present, the Island of the Lotus Eaters was constantly used in many forms of arts, music and stories. The Lotus Eaters represents the dangers of happiness and apathy.

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