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Who Were the Romans?

The term Romans refer to people who are members of the Roman Empire. The name comes from the place where the Empire flourished which is Rome. During the 2nd century BC, Rome has extended its power to most countries in Europe as well as the Middle East and North Africa. Romans are not necessarily people from Rome but were people under the power of Rome. Because the geographical scope of the Roman empire was really vast, people were also diverse with different characteristics, practices and cultures. People under the control of Rome were free to practice their religions and rituals as a means to prevent uprising against the empire.

The Romans were known to be very industrious, brave and advanced compared to other people from other civilizations. They have already constructed their buildings and roads in a very sturdy way. They have established their medicine and cures as early as those times and they already have concepts of public health and sanitation even without knowing the science behind such practices. They have also constructed their public baths and toilets that people from all walks of life can use.

In terms of entertainment, the Romans were known for their gladiator fights that are usually attended many people including the rulers. Gladiators were generally slaves or prisoners who have to fight each other for survival. Other entertainments include theater performances, circus and races to keep people from getting bored or from uprising against the rulers. It is also a way to distract people from the harsh realities of everyday life.

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