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Who Were the Vikings?

The Vikings are known for their extensive adventures using their ships to cross vast seas. They are skilled seafarers known in the 11th century that have dominated the seas of Europe as well as North America, Africa and reaching as far as Asia. They were once thought to be powerful and fearless pirates, but they are actually warriors who search for food and acquired territories by means of harsh methods such as murders and killings. They have with them weapons capable of giving fear to people they meet. Despite their negative backgrounds for many people, the Vikings have a very rich culture. They boats are one of a kind, which have not been imitated by people of their contemporaries. They have a well-developed language system, arts, songs, stories and religion which are predominantly pagan.

One of the most noteworthy characteristics of the Vikings is their capabilities of building ships that could withstand the harsh waves of the seas. They are also very good explorers and adventurers. They build durable things that even lasted up to these days. During the time when the Vikings are very powerful, they established their territories along the European regions and coasts. They have contributed much to the spread of the Norse culture and beliefs. However, during the introduction of Christianity, the culture, practices and beliefs of the Vikings slowly faded. But their legacies were still in the places where they once owned. Their genetic make-up, cultural practices and well as their numerous arts are still evident in the places where they once thrive.

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