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Why Is the ACLU So Controversial?

The American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU is a non-profit organization that has played an important part in defending different human rights. For almost 80 years, they have worked on showing importance on putting into consideration every person’s rights and freedom such as the freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right for one to be respected of his or her privacy.

The missions of this organization are to protect the people’s first amendment right, right to equal treatment and right to due process. The ACLU has greatly been influencing people around America and its membership has now reached more than 400,000. It has also influenced part of the U.S Constitution and every year, almost 6,000 cases are being filed and handled. This explains how the ACLU was able to influence many aspects in the society that made it gain people’s trust.

The ACLU became controversial as well. This was not only because of the numerous cases it has been handling but also the federal government tends to attack some of the ACLU’s purposes. Additionally, certain cases that this organization handles seem to cause opposition on the relevance of defending such case. An example is ACLU defending Nazis and even those people who are violators as well. Controversy seems to rise knowing that the organization defends all kinds of people that it sometimes forgets to consider the actions done by that person.

It also most often fails to see the purpose of the case that they are trying to defend because they see everything equally. This causes different views regarding how they prioritize cases because from the organization’s point of view, every case is as important as the other.

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