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Why Are Fashion Models So Thin?

Fashion models are so thin because of the fact that people, particularly in the thin-obsessed countries in the west, consider thinness as an indicator of beauty. However, too much thinness of models are no longer healthy and are detrimental to the self-esteem of many young girls who strive to achieve the kind of body that is seen in modeling industries. Modeling has a very profound effect on viewers particularly on women. People think that those people treading the catwalk are the object of beauty or the standards of what women should look like. Designers say that it is always easy to dress a thin woman, or clothes look good when a thin woman wears it. This has resulted to massive health issues such as bulimia and anorexia. Many people also think that when they wear the dress or clothing that the thin model wore, they will also look thinner and attractive. This is in fact a mistaken view of people when it comes to beauty.

The thin model phenomenon started when a very thin British model named Twiggy came into the stage and lead the bunch or catwalk shows. This was followed by a phenomenon of thin models whose weight is not the healthy weight for their height. There are nowadays some guidelines on modeling stating that models should be healthy and in the right proportion with their height. Designers on the other hand are required to take care of their models, making sure that their models are not experiencing any eating disorders just to maintain their weight.

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