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Why Are You Not Supposed to Wear White After Labor Day?

Many etiquette books will say that it is not proper to wear white after Labor Day, which falls on the first Monday of September. Though the rule is not set in stone—and certainly there are no sanctions for the brave souls who decide to defy convention and wear white any day they actually want—many simply follow the rule because that is what they are used to.

However many people ask what clothes or accessories shouldn’t be white. For example, brides are allowed to wear white even if they get married in December (one of the most popular months for weddings). Fashion gurus have also said that it’s okay to wear white, light or off-white clothes during the winter.

Perhaps it makes more sense to see what the spirit of the law was. It may have begun as a logical reminder to not wear the light clothes of summer in a heavy winter. White is traditionally worn in the summer, after all, and the fabric may be too thin to hold up against the colder weather. Winter can also be messy and damp, and white shoes will instantly be ruined in the weather.

Whatever the origins the rule only seems to make sense in states where the weathers are severe. There are many places like Hawaii where people can use whatever clothes they want at any part of the year. The same goes for Florida and other states with a more tropical climate.

The rule is also being broken by fashion forward people who like to break rules and push for more originality and creativity.

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