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Why Do I Have to Serve Jury Duty?

Every citizen in the United States has the right to trial before a jury, also being a citizen means that you may be called to serve jury duty. Jury duty is called a duty because it is mandatory and not optional. Once you are called to serve as a juror in a legal proceeding, you cannot object or deny.

A jury is made up of jurors, ordinary people who are given the chance to participate in a court. Being summoned to jury duty gives you the privileged to uphold the principals of your basic rights. It is also a chance to allow other citizens of their entitled freedom. It may sometimes be very inconvenient to some because being called to serve as a juror can come any time even in your time of work; however, some employers are generous enough to still pay for a person’s time even if they are summoned. Employers are also not allowed to dismiss or to fire an employee who has been summoned for a jury duty. Failure to respond to serve jury duty is illegal, although there are instances that one may be excused for not attending depending on the circumstances.

Jury duty can only be served once every twelve months. If one person is called even after recently attending court as a juror, he may then call the court to inform them, meaning that he may not answer the call for jury duty. However the frequency of the service for jury duty still varies from different countries or state.

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