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Why Is Finding a Penny Good Luck?

Have you heard of the superstition, “if you find a penny you will have good luck“? Everybody has probably heard about this because it has been around for many years. Some ancient people say that metal was a gift from God for protection. This is why people believe that metals and coins are lucky. In most cases, however, people believe that this superstition will bring them good luck because it makes people feel good.

There is also an old Victorian rhyme that goes “something old, something new, something borrowed something blue and a silver sixpence in your shoe”. This is a superstition for wishing good luck and wealth to a bride. But a silver sixpence is almost impossible to find, so people substituted it for a coin. This is the reason why the saying also changed to “something old, something new, something borrowed something blue and a lucky penny in the shoe“. This is to make sure that the newly wed couple will be wealthy. Another wealthy superstition is to attach metal cans to the back of the wedding car. Another wealthy superstition is to say the line “put a penny wrapped in paper and keeps it to avoid debtors“ while holding a metal coin.

Even if you least expect that something bad will happen, it can still happen. That is why people tend to rely on old rituals to prevent disasters. Superstitions revolve around the battle between good and evil, and these rituals are intended to bring back the good side.

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