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World's Longest Golf Course

Dodging Kangaroos in the outback while you work on your putting skills isn't my idea of fun, but neither is golfing in general. But for some the new course called Nullabor Links is just what the doctor ordered. It's the world's longest golf course.

world's longest golf course

"You know how some people consider golf as just a nice walk? Down Under they're talking the walk to an extreme with the Nullarbor Links golf course, and you might not want to spend the day strolling along this course, with or without your clubs: it's 848 miles long.

That's more than just a pretty long hunk of green; in fact it's the world's longest golf course.

Granted that all distances are big in the Australian outback, where the Nullarbor Links is located, but perhaps this is taking things a little (literally too far). Stretching from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia across the desert to Ceduna in South Australia, the idea is that you purchase your score card at one end or the other, and play each of the 18 holes as you drive across the desert. They suggest the game will take you about four days to play." via Jaunted

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